L.P. says:
I wanted to bring to your attention that Pediatricare has a nurse named Lindsay in Woodland office that is absolutely wonderful. She is always willing to help the patients and go out of her way to make sure everything is ok. She has been very helpful to me with my children on several occasions. She is definitely an asset to Pediatricare Associates!
L. C-C., M.D. says:
Wanted to thank you for the Flu Carnival.  My daughter has been looking forward to it for days!  I can't believe how "painless" it was to get her vaccinated.  I can't say enough nice things about your practice.

K.G.M. says: 

We love Dr.Brucia! She listens to my girls and she explains things to them!! Great office!!  

J.R. says...

Although I only have one child, and I don't have much experience with pedritricans, I am so grateful to have found doctors like those at Pediatricare Associates, especially Dr. Bienstock! I couldn't be happier with the care that Dr. Bienstock has given my daughter for the last 3 years. He is always available to answer questions and put my mind at ease. He is compassionate, caring, and an overall wonderful doctor!! I would recommend him and the doctors at Pediatricare to anyone!


This letter was recently received:

Dear Dr. Namerow,

It was great seeing you yesterday for my (final) physical.  I can't believe that I am now too old to be coming to your office. I will definitely miss seeing you each year.  You have not only taken excellent care of me, but have always shown a keen interest in what I was doing-socially, athletically and academically.  I am truly appreciative of that.

Thank you so much for offering to write me a recommendation for medical school.  I would love to take you up on that offer.  We chatted at length about my activities, but I am enclosing a copy of my resume, just so you can see in more detail what I have been doing.  If you have any questions or need any more information, please get in touch.

Thank you once again for taking the time to write the recommendation and, more importantly, for taking such great care of me for the last twenty-one years.



K.A. says...

We first met several doctors when our daughter was born at 35 weeks at Chilton and each and every one that came to see her was kind, courteous and professional and helpful to us as first time parents. We have been to the office countless times for both sick and well visits over our daughter's first year of day care and have had very good experiences. We love seeing Dr. Hetling. She is kind, professional, easy to talk to and great with our daughter. I especially love the ping md app and how we get such quick helpful responses from Dr.Bienstock. We actually went to the Fair lawn office for an emergency sick visit today, a Sunday, and got an appointment within an hour of calling. I would highly recommend this practice to friends and family!!

C.V.Z. says...

The flu clinic held yesterday in Fair Lawn on 9/22 was great! Our children had a blast following their vaccinations getting their faces painted, playing games and making sand art. My daughter, who usually dreads any and all shots, was actually looking forward to this visit because of the anticipated fun afterwards. We hope that you continue the flu clinic next year!!

K. G. M. says...

Awesome job on the Flu Carnival-kudos to all who planned it & all who worked it!!!!!

J.D. says...

Had a great time at the Flu Carnival yesterday! Painless shots for the kids followed by music, games, face painting and balloon animals! The staff did a really great job.

B.H. says....

What a GREAT idea to have a Flu Carnival! Kyle and Christopher would have LOVED that ten years ( OK, 10 minutes) ago...and the posters reminded me to get them shots when they were getting HPV vaccines. (Lol...I'll bet most Flu Carnival Moms aren't thinking about THOSE yet...) Innovations like the carnival are EXACTLY why I've stayed in your practice all these years. Thanks!

C.P. says...

...Dear Mrs Damato,

I just wanted to compliment PediatriCare Associates on their friendly, helpful and patient staff.  You may not hear this enough, but your organization has assembled a very professional group of women.

My visits are only yearly, but I have talked with your staff many times and I never feel as if my questions and concerns are a nuisance to them.  I have learned that with the changing of one's insurance each year, procedures may now cost where once they did not.

I was fortunate to speak with your accounting personnel, Sandy, and she was very helpful in explaining procedure codes.  Sandy did state that I could speak with my own insurance company regarding my coverage and with the information she had shared with me, my conversation with my insurancce company was productive.  Sandy did assure me that if I requested a procedure not to be done during my son's visit, that the staff would be fine with my request.

Thank you for having a staff that remembers how informing a client makes a visit a pleasant one.

L.D. says...

...As a first time mom, I am so happy with the team at Pediatric Care Associates.  From our first visit to the office when I was pregnant, everyone has been so warm, welcoming, helpful and informative.  The team of doctors have been awesome from our interactions in the hospital to our office visits.   Thanks to Dr. Bienstock, his advice & encouragement to start putting our little guy in his crib and sleep training - mom, dad & baby are very happy!  At 2 months he is sleeping in his crib up to 4-6 hours at a time.  He rarely even cries when he goes in now after only a few short weeks!   

Thanks so much to Dr. Bienstock and everyone at Pediatric Care Associates!  I know my child is in the best hands!


N.T.C. says...

...Very happy with these doctors. :) The best for my babies! :).

L.H. says...

...All of the doctors, nurses & support staff have provided superb care of our children, from annual physicals, innoculations, and rare sick child visits, to more importantly, listening to them and asking them questions about their life, school issues, successes & concerns. We are so fortunate to have such a team assisting us as we parent our kids.


...Has been a preceptor for medical students from New York Medical College for fifteen years and was recently recognized at the Faculty Appreciation Banquet.  His students praise him on a job well done!

  • "Dr. Namerow was an excellent preceptor, for I was able to see multiple patients at every visit and presented almost every case to him in front of the patient and family as well.  He provided constructive feedback when necessary and was extremely positive and available for questions/discussion."
  • "Dr. Namerow was exceptional at ensuring I covered material focused on in each unit and set aside time at the beginning of each visit for discussion in case I had any questions.  I truly enjoyed working with him and am appreciative of how much guidance and support he provided."
  • "Dr. David Namerow was great.  I couln't ask for a better experience.  I highly recommend him."


B.E.M. says...

...Have been with this group since my kids were babies and now they are 21 and 18..moving on to "adult" doctors..have loved this practice..they have always been there when I needed them and office staff is nice.

M.A. says...

...Our fourteen year old daughter has been a patient of Pediatricare Associates since birth.  We have always been impressed with the quality care demonstrated by all of the physicians who have treated her.  We would like to specifically mention our longstanding relationship with Dr. Bienstock.  He has always treated our daughter as if she was his own child.  His compassionate demeanor has always eased her anxieties and has made her feel comfortable to express her feelings.  Dr. Bienstock consistently answers all of our questions thoroughly and patiently at every stage of development.  He has held our hand through difficult times and has always reassured us that he will be there for us.  We greatly appreciate that Dr. Bienstock has a genuine interest in not only our daughter's medical needs, but also her psychological and social needs.  We truly feel very blessed to have Dr. Bienstock in our lives and will miss him immensely when our daughter outgrows Pediatricare Associates!

H. O'N.  says...

...We have been using PediatriCare Associates for the last three years for our two children. From the moment we met Dr. Bienstock at Valley Hospital with our first baby, we were comfortable with the level of care not only he provided a couple of new parents, but how accommodating the staff was soon after we were discharged. All the doctors we have met have been top notch and they are always there when you need them, this is critical to us in a pediatricians office. Through PINGMD, I can contact Dr. Bienstock, answer simple questions and get an answer from him from the comfort of home. We recommend PediatriCare Associates to all our friends!

Mr. & Mrs. S.F. say...

...We met Dr. Namerow almost eighteen years ago.  Those first few years pf parenthood were quite challenging!  There was asthma, emergency visits, whooping cough, strep and the middle of the night calls with medical concerns.  Through it all Dr. Namerow,  Dr. Zucker and Dr. Bienstock and their team was always there for us.  Their compassion for their patients was evident and we felt it through their patience, guidance and reassurance that we will get better and we always did.  Thank you PediatriCare Associates.

Mr. and Mrs. F. say...

Dear. Dr. Namerow and Staff of Pediatricare and Associates:
We met Dr. Namerow almost eighteen years ago. Those first few years of parenthood were quite challenging! There was asthma, emergency visits, whopping cough, strep and the many middle of the night calls with medical concerns. Through it all Dr. Namerow, Dr. Bienstock and Dr. Zucker and their team was always there for us. Their compassion for their patients was evident and we felt it through their patience, guidance, and reassurance that we will get better and we always did.

Thank you Pediatricare and Associates.

The A. Family says...

 In honor of Doctor's Day my family would like to honor Dr. David Namerow. Dr. Namerow has never let us down in over 21 years. My husband and I met Dr, Namerow in 1990 while I was pregnant with our first child. Being a neurotic first time mother, we interviewed pediatricians before giving birth to our daughter. Dr. Namerow was wonderfully open, honest, and if I remember correctly, considered himself to be a purist.

We had to change Ashley's formula a few times until we got to Nutramigen - and I remember Dr. Namerow saying to me, "I knew when I met you that you'd have a colicky baby." Now, another new mother might have taken this as a bit insulting, however, I enjoyed Dr. Namerow's honest humor. He had only spoken with me less than a handful of times, yet he pegged me as being a bit tightly wound, to say the least.

Dr. Namerow has never let us down in over 21 years. We have two daughters and both of them love him and have fond memories of Kermit the Frog hanging from his stethoscope. He has always taken the time to sit and talk to my girls individually. Not only has he always asked about their school life, but also about other interests that they had. I remember one time specifically, when my now 21 year old daughter, Ashley was in second grade and she talked to him about wanting a dog. In his most gentle way, showing such genuine interest in what she had to say, Dr. Namerow took the time to talk to Ashley about all the responsibilities owning a dog entailed. He also made our family feel as though we were a part of his family by sharing little anecdotes about his daughters when they directly related to something one of my daughters was asking about.

My younger daughter, Alexa, who just turned 17 years old, still enjoys seeing Dr. Namerow when she goes in for a sick visit. At a recent visit, he inquired about her tennis season and about what colleges she is thinking of applying to. Dr. Namerow was able to share his knowledge and advice about different questions and concerns Alexa had about colleges.

Dr. Namerow is not only interested in the physical health of the children that he treats, but he is also interested in them mentally and socially. We want to honor Dr. David Namerow on National Doctor's Day to let him know how very much we appreciate the care, concern, and interest he has shown our children for almost 22 years. We love you, Dr. Namerow!



K.K.I. says...
...Wonderful docs in this group, truly care for your children.
S.F. says...
...Great service and personal attention both in the office and out -  the doctors even personally respond quickly to emails from their patients!
K.P. says...

...Wonderful Pediatricians!!! We feel great about the doctors and care we receive from them.

E.D.L. says...

...You guys are the best.

D.M. says...

...Pediatric Care Associate is one of the best group of doctors that I have ever come across. They are quick in responding to the phone calls , emails or any medical questions.I would like to specially mention about Dr Bienstock , I started going to him for my kids almost 3 years back. He thinks like a parent and he is amazingly patient and gives you so much comfort in those tough times when your child is sick.

L. & J. R. say...

...I just wanted to express my overall opinion and gratitude to the doctors of PediatriCare Associates. We have been going there since my two sons were born. They are now 14 and 15 years old. All of the doctors there are wonderful. Dr. Namerow and Dr. Chism are so great!!! Dr. Bienstock has always been there for us. I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing he has been to our family. He not only has the expertise and knowledge, but his kindness and caring goes above and beyond. There are so many times he has helped our family through the years by being there and taking his time with us, no matter how small the concern was. I really want to emphasize that his kindness and caring way is truly amazing. Our entire family thinks he is the best!!! I would strongly encourage and recommend PediatriCare Associates to everyone.


Visit our Office


Dear PediatriCare Associates Family:


PediatriCare Associates Outdoor Flu Clinics 

We ask that everyone arrive ON TIME to our outdoor FLU clinics; and ask that everyone wear a mask, including all children unless they younger than 2 years of age.  Please dress children in loose clothing. Please note that children under 3 will receive their FLU vaccine in their thigh.

We will not be able to accommodate last minute appointments, or addons due to the process we will have in place to assure everyone’s safety by adhering to social distancing as mandated by the CDC and State of New Jersey.

All patients will receive a “FLU CHECK-IN PACKET”, once they check in at our check-in table; and then you will proceed to one of our FLU tents.  You will then hand the packet to a nurse, receive your shot and leave with a copy of the vaccine record promptly.

Important Notes for this year’s Outdoor FLU Clinics 

·       Please complete the Screening Checklist, found on our website at www.PediatricareAssociates.com, under the FLU TAB at the top of the page

·     If you answer yes to any of the questions on the Screening Checklist your child will not be eligible to receive their FLU shot at the Outdoor FLU Clinic

·       There will be NO availability to speak with a doctor at the FLU Clinic

·     The temperature for the child, adolescent and chaperone will be taken at the check-in table and must be under 100 degrees to receive a FLU shot

·       On the day of the weekend Fair Lawn office FLU Outdoor Clinic, our sick patients will be seen in our Pompton Office by appointment


If you need to visit any of our locations, please adhere to the call for all Americans to wear face coverings in public to slow spread of the coronavirus; and when you enter our office, we will enforce one parent or guardian and we will be taking your temperature.

The staff and doctors at PediatriCare Associates have been your partner in the healthcare and the well being of your children for over 40 years.

During the last several weeks, our practice has heard many concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID19).